Talent wanted

  • Passion


    In a startup, you have the passion to work hard, make sacrifices, and demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Good influence

    Good influence

    We strive to help and be considerate of our colleagues and have a positive impact on the team.
  • Cooperation


    Understand the company's vision and goals and honestly disagree in a business-like manner, but remain committed to the decisions made. Maintain relationships by communicating and collaborating with team members.
  • Honest feedback

    Honest feedback

    We actively ask for feedback from each other and give and receive feedback honestly.
  • Level up

    Level up

    We aim to be number one in our field and execute with passion.
  • Global


    Aiming to become a global startup, international thinking, understanding of language and culture, and a fearless attitude are required.

Join our team

  • For robust growth!

    • We provide financial assistance for tickets and food when attending job-related fairs.
    • We host in-house reading sessions, reimburse book purchases and operate in-house libraries.
    • We provide financial assistance for attending conferences, seminars, and training programs that help enhance job skills and make self-enrichment.
  • For focusing on work!

    • We offer flexible work hours.
    • We provide the industry's most advanced equipment and a range of programs and tools to turn ideas into reality.
    • We issue corporate cards to all departments and cover the cost of company dinners.
    • We cover the cost of lunch and dinner on workdays.
    • We provide quality coffee and drinks (snacks) for free.
    • We host employee workshops semiannually.
  • For relaxation, health and refreshing!

    • We let our employees take time off as needed without approval and provide alternative holidays for working on holidays.
    • We provide two weeks of refreshing vacation after three years of employment, and four weeks after five and ten years of employment.
    • We provide free general medical checkups for full-time employees.
    • We provide gifts on birthdays and national holidays.
    • We provide five additional days of summer vacation, beyond regular holidays.
    • We provide financial assistance for family events such as wedding and childbirth.

Hiring procedure

  • STEP 01 Application

  • STEP 02 1st interview

  • STEP 03 Interview by working group

  • STEP 04 Final interview by CEO and executives

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