Culture Deck

  • Integrity

    We are deeply connected to the company's mission and vision, and work and communicate together.

  • Freedom based on regulations

    We pursue an autonomous culture based on regulations, valuing acting freely within regulations, and keeping promises and principles.

  • Open mind for growth

    We constantly pursue growth, understand our strengths and areas for improvement, and accept feedback with humility. We actively adapt to vague and changing environments.

  • 100% sharing

    We share information within the company 100%.

  • Good colleagues are the best company benefit.

    We build meaningful relationships with our colleagues, rooting for their success and growth, and exchanging feedback. We lend a hand to colleagues in need and pay attention.

  • List of goals and success

    We accurately understand the company's goals and prioritize our tasks accordingly, considering their value in order to achieve the goals.

  • Belief and commitment

    We encourage honest feedback on different opinions and make commitment to the company's decisions.

  • One Team

    We value cooperation and communication between teams to achieve the company's goals. We pay attention to the company's goals and cooperate to achieve them, rather than just focusing on our individual tasks.

  • TOP #1

    We hire people who can raise the bar for our team and provide continuous feedback to bear fruit. We strive to achieve the highest possible results in our work.