Culture Deck

  • Integrity

    We work and communicate with sincere empathy for the company's mission and vision.

  • Freedom based on regulations

    We pursue an autonomous culture based on regulations, valuing acting freely within regulations, and keeping promises and principles.

  • Attitude for improvements with an open mind

    We’re always seeking growth, acknowledging our strengths and areas to improve, and accepting feedback graciously. We actively adjust to challenging and changing situations.

  • 100% sharing

    We share information in the company 100%.

  • Good colleagues are the best company benefit.

    We build meaningful relationships with our colleagues, rooting for their success and growth, and exchanging feedback. We lend a hand to colleagues in need and pay attention.

  • List of goals and success

    We accurately understand the company's goals and prioritize our tasks accordingly, considering their value in order to achieve the goals.

  • Belief and commitment

    We encourage honest feedback on different opinions and make commitment to the company's decisions.

  • One Team

    We prioritize teamwork and communication to reach the company’s goals. We work together and collaborate towards the company’s objectives rather than solely focusing on individual tasks.

  • TOP #1

    We recruit individuals who elevate our team and offer ongoing feedback to reach our goals. We dedicate ourselves to delivering the best possible outcomes in our work.